Kings Court Trust

  • Sector: Legal services
  • First Invested: 2013
  • Total Invested: £4M
  • Status: Current

Founded in 2002, Kings Court Trust is a pioneer in the rapidly-changing legal services sector. They are already recognised as one of the UK’s leading estate administration specialists and have gained a reputation for delivering market leading service using a combination of ground breaking technology and highly personalised customer service.

Estate administration is the process that all families must go through when someone dies. For many, this potentially complex legal process has to be dealt with at time of great stress and heightened emotions. However, families also recognise that practical tasks need to be completed in a timely manner and often look for professional support at a time of need.

As an estate administration specialist, Kings Court Trust offers a comprehensive, fully inclusive service that greatly reduces the time, cost and burden to the family. They also take full legal and financial liability for the work involved in administering the estate, ensuring that the family have complete peace of mind.

Kings Court Trust’s team of legal and tax specialists deal with every aspect of estate administration, from closing bank accounts to selling property and evening rehoming family pets. The business also assists other probate providers with complex parts of the process, such as tracing missing beneficiaries and repatriating foreign assets.

Our investment followed the deregulation of the UK legal services market in April 2012, dubbed “Tesco Law”, which for the first time allowed non-lawyers to own or invest in law firms via Alternative Business Structures (ABS). In recent years there has been considerable interest in the impact of ABSs on the legal sector, as a new wave of consumer legal brands establish themselves as credible competitors to traditional law firms. ABSs are encouraging innovation in the sector, paving the way for new entrants, greater competition and consumer choice.

Each year in the UK, 250,000 families need to administer an estate. Historically, consumers have reported high levels of dissatisfaction with the considerable cost, opaque pricing structure and lengthy timescales involved. Kings Court Trust’s core objective is to help families move on by making the estate administration process straightforward, transparent and cost effective. This is achieved by offering their service with a guaranteed fixed price that is agreed before any work is undertaken, whilst also offering online case tracking that enables families to access information on their case around the clock. This customer centric approach is just one of the reasons why 9/10 families would recommend Kings Court Trust to a loved one.

The investment in Kings Court Trust is Smedvig Capital’s second move into the legal services field after our support of My Home Move. We are excited to be providing the financial and strategic support to help the business invest heavily for growth in the next few years.