• Sector: Tech / software
  • First Invested: January 2012
  • Total Invested: Undisclosed
  • Status: Current

Mediamorph’s award-winning software platform and data management services help studios, television networks, and pay TV operators manage contracts, content rights, and title availability, track content sales performance, and automate royalty calculations. Mediamorph helps leading Media & Entertainment companies prosper in a rapidly changing environment. All major Hollywood studios, leading television networks and the largest video service operators rely on the Mediamorph suite of cloud-based products. They launched in 2007, addressing the increasing complexity in managing digital content distribution.

Digital and multi-platform distribution of TV shows and films has given consumers complete control over how, when, and where they access content, a major shift from the traditional linear model of only watching a broadcast at its scheduled time. Just as broadband and MP3 devices enabled huge growth in consumption of digital music, mobile devices and high-speed broadband are doing the same for the Media & Entertainment industry.

Some of the major studios now have over 250 contracts for global content distribution – contracts with a staggering number of variables. The studios receive hundreds of complex royalty statement spreadsheets, which require significant manpower to process into their accounting systems. Unsurprisingly they are struggling to prepare management reports and ensure compliance of contract terms, let alone understand true title performance and analyse it in a meaningful way to optimise revenue from future deals. This set of problems is replicated up and down the digital distribution value chain, from content owners to infrastructure operators.

Mediamorph has created the first platform to manage sales tracking, accounting, market data aggregation and revenue optimisation for the Media & Entertainment industry. They provide their customers with a holistic view of every title’s performance across media types, complete with analytic dashboards, pricing analyses and royalty calculations – all integrated with the company’s internal ERP systems.

Since launching, Mediamorph has grown rapidly and now boasts an impressive client roster including DISH Networks, Disney, Fox Digital Entertainment, HBO, Liberty Global, NBCUniversal, Showtime, Verizon, Warner Bros., and many others. Clients are effusive about the Mediamorph product, which provides efficiency gains, improved business insight, and new opportunities to scale revenue.

Mediamorph is a rapidly growing company in a sector that is increasing daily in size and complexity. We are working closely with the senior executives to grow their team and to support their expansion plans.