Profile Pensions

  • Sector: Financial Services / Tech
  • First Invested: 2014
  • Total Invested: £4m
  • Status: Current

Profile Pensions is an award-winning pensions advice company, aiming to help millions of people across the UK improve their future retirement income.  The company offers a free, no obligation pension trace and review, allowing customers to fully understand their pension, its value, performance and what it will be worth to them in retirement.  In 70% of cases it reviews, Profile is able to find customers a better pension and only charges fees if the customer decides to switch their pension.  In addition they offer the option to manage the customers pension on an ongoing basis.

By the end of 2017 they will have helped over 50,000 people in the UK to better understand their pension and switched over 14,000 customers into better pensions.

Profile Pensions is based in the UK with offices in Preston and London and through the use of technology and telephony delivers their impartial whole of market advice nationally.

Smedvig are working closely with the team to enable Profile to advance its technology-led model to other financial products and to consolidate its position as one of the UK’s leading pension advisors.